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July 2015
Arts & Theater
Arts & Theater
New Orleans musical legacy is unrivaled by any other city in the world. But it is still rare that you get an opportunity to see this important history right before your eyes. ...Read More
Venue - 400 Esplanade Ave
Arts & Theater
Arts & Theater
Born in 1943, Jim Roche received a BA from Florida State University (1961) and an MA and MFA from University of Dallas (1968 and 1970). He was Professor of Art at Florida State ...Read More
Venue - Ogden Museum of Southern Art/University of New Orleans
Arts & Theater
Arts & Theater
The Historic New Orleans Collection's newest exhibition, "Purchased Lives: New Orleans and the Domestic Slave Trade, 1808-1865," examines the individuals involved in the trade and ...Read More
Venue - Historic New Orleans Collection, The
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